Write Your Own Story | Sheema Khan | TEDxKanata

Why is it important to write our own story? It speaks to our individuality, our independence, our integrity. It speaks to our humanity. Use the pen of your conscience to write your own story.

As a toddler, Sheema Khan emigrated from India to Montreal, where she immersed herself in Quebecois culture and quickly became fluent in French. Currently a patent agent in Ottawa, she is also a published author, soccer player and hockey mom.

The path to patent agent has been an interesting one: She holds a Masters in Physics and a PhD in Chemical Physics, both from Harvard University. After completing post-doctoral research at MIT and McGill, Sheema worked as an R&D scientist in pharmaceutical sciences and is an inventor with numerous patents in drug delivery technology.

In addition, since 2002, she has been a monthly columnist for Canada’s national newspaper, The Globe and Mail. A collection of her columns have been published in the book Of Hockey and Hijab: Reflections of a Canadian Muslim Woman. In 2012, she was a recipient of a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to Canada. View video.