We help put the odds even more in your favour

You have studied the models. You have made a short list. You have chosen a likely winner. Now, you are waiting to see if the management team you have backed has the depth of experience to succeed.


Critical to your success is to mitigate your risk by thoroughly evaluating the IP assets of your target companies. You need to know the value of their IP portfolios — including a firm grasp of potential future value.

By forging an IP strategy that goes far beyond merely setting up a barrier to entry for competitors, Shapiro Cohen LLP can design and implement an IP portfolio that gives you tangible ROI from many sources.


Read about our services for venture capitalists below.

Venture Capitalists Services


We conduct due diligence reviews

We are expert at conducting due diligence and are eager to do it on your behalf. As independent consultants, we are not shareholders in your invested companies. Therefore, we can offer a sober, removed view about business potential within which IP can be planned, protected and commercialized.

We refine your understanding of the IP landscape

Prior art searches are an absolute necessity for companies of all sizes that are invested in IP. Our experts will analyze the IP landscape for your company, including reviews and analysis of prior art. We make sure that you know who, what, when, and where your competitors and potential competitors are seeking protection and which patents are significantly distinguishable. We also assist your clients in determining ways around existing third party IP in order to provide a clear path toward success.

We identify risks and other considerations

Our experience enables us to identify risks and maximize downside protection, ensuring that even if the short-term commercial plan is not achieved, long-term gains for investors can be optimized. We will build you an IP profile with a long-term view.

We provide a valuable second opinion

We have extensive experience in raising capital, and in growing and investing in start-ups as well as selling them to larger enterprises. As such, we are ideally suited to represent the particular interests of venture capitalists in their investments. We will provide you with expert advice about the potential of your IP and potential strategies for monetizing your IP.

We maximize your tax advantage

Properly utilizing the government of Canada’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED) tax incentive program can create a significant financial advantage for your company. We are experts in SRED and can help you plan for, manage and profit from it.


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