Build an IP strategy that aligns with your business goals

Is your company achieving its full IP potential?

Shapiro Cohen LLP will help you develop a strategically sophisticated IP strategy that avoids common pitfalls.


Patents provide tangible value in your business. They bolster your market position, attract investors and can increase your revenue through licensing. Managed wisely, your patent portfolio will simultaneously enable you to develop potentially profitable technologies while deterring other companies from encroaching on your space.


Ideas that lead to profitable patents can stream from inventive minds at unexpected times.

For your patent portfolio to excel, you must capture all of your team’s promising ideas, regardless of when they arise. At the same time, you must separate the truly great ideas from ones not worthy of your energy and resources. Too many companies file for patents in an ad hoc manner or miss valuable opportunities because they do not understand a patent’s importance. Shapiro Cohen LLP will make sure your best ideas see the light of day.


The IP Portfolio Builder can help.

At Shapiro Cohen LLP, we pay meticulous attention to the details of your patent portfolio, helping you obtain high-quality patents that align strategically with your business objectives. We move you through the five distinct phases of our proprietary IP Portfolio Builder, developing a patent strategy that captures the best thinking of your team and propels your business toward success.


First, we help you develop a business mission statement. Your business strategy must always drive your IP strategy. If your planned activities are not aligned with your mission, you need to redirect your energy. We will make sure you stay focused so that you avoid wasting time and resources.


Second, we brainstorm with you in an open, honest, judgment-free blue-sky session. We will work together to come up with a list of potential areas of innovation for your company.


Third, we put all the ideas to the test. During a meticulous triage process, we sort each idea according to its features, applications, technologies and time frames.

Fourth, we prioritize your ideas. Crafting a coherent IP strategy can be a complex business. By prioritizing, we help you focus on the important elements of your portfolio so that the highest-rated patents are dealt with first. This way, you don’t take on too much at once.


Fifth, we define and execute a detailed filing strategy to protect the IP on your list. We start filing at the top of the list and work down from there. As new ideas arise, we move them through steps two to four (above) to ensure each is ranked accurate against the others.


We have extensive and proven experience growing startups for acquisition by large enterprises. This positions us uniquely in the industry; we can provide you with tactical and strategic insights that most other patent agents cannot.


Read about our resources and services for startups below.


Resources & Services

We tailor our service to your company’s needs

Our highly experienced professionals consider your company’s success as paramount. As a boutique intellectual property law firm, Shapiro Cohen LLP is able to provide cost effective, highly responsive service tailored to your company’s specific needs — as well as the professional needs of your team.

We protect your entire business, not just your IP

We offer tactical advice about where you should invest in IP protection — depending on whether your goal is to protect your own invention, prohibit the activity of other companies, or make an idea commercially available.

We manage international filings

We manage filings throughout the world and support our clients in their efforts to penetrate foreign markets. We continuously develop our international network to meet increasing demand among our clients for legal representation abroad.


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