Optimize your portfolio

Patents are a key component of many companies’ intellectual property. Bigger companies with extensive wealth tend to procure patents in large quantities and then use them to generate licensing revenue. Smaller companies often find such strategies too costly.


In any case, companies pursuing a visionary style of patent portfolio management must keep future trends in sight and continually position themselves at the forefront of IP and technological development. The day-to-day operations of such companies take into account the value of IP as both a legal instrument and competitive business tool.


Some of the largest, most innovative technology companies are among our diverse clientele. They trust us. Why?


The professionals of Shapiro Cohen LLP have extensive experience working in the technology industry, having started, grown and sold a number of companies. We know the value of capturing your creative and innovative ideas and transforming them into revenue-generating assets.


Over the years, we have generated patents that have been sold, licensed and litigated, and this experience goes into every patent application we prepare. We have the perspective and expertise to help you manage your patent portfolio by separating your great ideas from ones not worth your time. Managing a patent portfolio can be a chaotic business. Let us help you find the coherence you need to conduct business profitably.

Quality management you can trust.


Our extensive experience has taught us the value of meticulous quality management. During any intervention, we manage open and responsive channels of communication. And we are committed to following a cooperative approach with our clients’ legal departments.


Read about our services for public companies below.

Public Companies


We tailor our service to your company’s needs

Our highly experienced professionals consider your company’s success as paramount. As a boutique intellectual property law firm, Shapiro Cohen LLP is able to provide cost effective, highly responsive service tailored to your company’s specific needs — as well as the professional needs of your team.

We protect your entire business, not just your IP

We offer tactical advice about where you should invest in IP protection — depending on whether your goal is to protect your own invention, prohibit the activity of other companies, or make an idea commercially available.

We manage international filings

We manage filings throughout the world and support our clients in their efforts to penetrate foreign markets. We continuously develop our international network to meet increasing demand among our clients for legal representation abroad.


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